Cara Iorrais is an Erris based voluntary organisation which offers support and encouragement to people who are diagnosed with Cancer and also supports their families and friends. All the volunteers at the Cara iorraisSupport House have been through the trauma of Cancer and so empathise wih people who are now faced with this burden.

​​Cara Iorrais was set up in 2004 by a small group of women who were at that time diagnosed and undergoing treatment for Cancer. As the need for this service expanded and the group numbers increased we set about forming a formal organisation. In March 2007 we rented a house at No 2 Church Street, Belmullet. We set up as a registered association and began to use the house as a drop in centre and a meeting place. Since then we have expanded at a phenomenal rate. Little did we think back in 2004 when we set out to support each other we would ever reach the point we are now at and to have achieved so much in a short period of time. It is a huge tribute to the members and hard working volunteers who are always available to assist in every way possible to keep the organisation running in such a smooth and efficient manner.

​In the October of 2007 Cara Iorrais won The Rehab People of The Year Award. We were nominated by the staff at Mayo General Hospital for outstanding achievements shown.​